Monday, October 22, 2012

Guest Review: Haunted Forest at Bufford Corn Maze 2012

     I went thru the Haunted Forest opening weekend and completely agreed with your review. You are so right about the hayride, best part out there. Went thru again with my fiance for date night and what a change from opening weekend.
      Sadly they have now watered the best part, the house, down making the whole thing suitable for middle schoolers. Let's start from the beginning. As you walk thru the entrance you notice you now walk thru black plastic curtains darkening your fiance didn't go last time and I told her what a great touch but that is where it has ended. The first scene had an original character in the scare, it was great. That has now been reduced to a classic movie character. Gone are the creepy cemetary girls that were a great element.
      Next is the house, gone is the green fog at the entrance and the jack o lantern face lit up that you could see thru the fog. The front is now completely covered in store bought web thus losing the appeal of a creepy looking house. Inside- the first room unchanged, the next room the strobes not pulsing fast at all. Losing the look it once had. The next room had crying sounds and a widow in black, she wasn't there. The next room has a mannequin right at eye level of a ten year old perhaps. It is the first thing you see when you walk in, this was the room with blacklight. It is placed right in front of a bookshelf so it can't be missed. There is also a light shining thru the floor so the room isn't as dark to make the blacklight really pop. This light coming up from the floor is in the next room as well. I understand this is a family friendly corn maze and atmosphere but perhaps the phrase, "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" doesn't apply here.
      There is an elementary school across the street so I guess they needed to make adjustments.
I would now lower this haunt to two stars if adults are going, my advice get on the hayride. Sorry haunted forest is was way creepier opening weekend.