Tuesday, April 3, 2012

QR Code

We are very excited to have a QR code for smartphone access to our blog.

Wrath of Con

     I know that this isn't haunt related, but I think many of the same people would enjoy it.  Do you attend DragonCon?  If so it is sad to think that you missed seeing the play Wrath of Con performed at Dad's Garage Theater in  Atlanta, GA.  It was sensational!  It captured many of the things that are loved about DC and other cons.  We hope that it becomes a yearly event around this time, since it is when we are all missing our DC experiences so much.  It's a brief vacation into the world of Cons, without the high priced tickets, extremely ridiculously priced hotel rooms, and lugging all of those costumes around.  If it comes back again you should definitely see it.