Friday, June 13, 2014

Special Edition Guest Review --> Trapped in a Room with a Zombie event in Tucker, GA 2014

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie
Tucker, Georgia

      On Wednesday June 11 at 8:30 PM my friends and I went to check out, Trapped in a Room with a Zombie.  My reviews are usually based on price/value and entertainment for two people on a night out.  Through Goldstar, you can obtain tickets for around $18.  You must reserve in advance.  You cannot just pay at the door, or not that we are aware of.  More on that part later.
     The premise here is that a party of up to 12 people enter a room.  In that room there is a zombie chained up.  The room is filled with riddles to solve to help you escape the room.  Every five minutes, the chain is loosened another foot.  If the zombie touches you, you are out but still in the room.
     If your party doesn't have twelve people then others who have bought tickets will join your group.  As our group learned, this is not a bad thing.  Everyone in your group will provide something to help you progress.  The zombie room as of this writing has a 29% success rate of you walking out of the room in the hour.
     The room is done up like a office setting, may be the best description.  It is lit well, not in haunt colors, no black paint on any walls.  The zombie makeup may not be great but the actress never broke character!! She will snarl along with you at some points but it fit for our situation.
     So if there are no black walls, no cobwebs, not great makeup is this frightening or entertaining- yes!!  The fear here is a mental one.  You don't want to be touched by the zombie as you solve these clues.  Your party will scatter when you hear and see the chain has been lengthened another foot.  Within the first five minutes you are hooked into trying to solve this to get out.  Even I found myself hesitant to go for a padlock with key in hand knowing that the zombie could swing around at me.  We did make it out.  We were told that we currently hold the second fastest escape time.  We had 14 minutes to go.
     Could we have made it without another party joining us? Not so sure, so welcome others because you really don't know what will happen once in there.
     Cons: are there any negatives?  To the show itself, I enjoyed it, our group enjoyed it. Communication to get info is the only fault I had.  There is not a phone number or not when I tried to obtain a local number.  They do have an email and Facebook page, but a reply back could take up to 48 hours.
    This was a great experience.  I would rate this a four out of five skulls or a solid B.  Once again you are not walking into a haunt setting but this does have a haunt element to it.  To watch adults scatter because a zombie may touch them before getting out of a room was a thrill to see.  Just before you go in, look around the door and you will see my name- Keep Haunting,