Monday, October 6, 2014

Nightmare's Gate, Guest Review, 2014

     The Scareactors of the Haunted Theatre on Hill Street in Griffin, Georgia visited Nightmare's Gate and have made a video for you about their experience.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fear the Woods, Stockbridge, GA 2014

     Fear the Woods is a set of attractions held at a pumpkin patch and Christmas tree farm located in Stockbridge, Georgia.  Their location includes a hayride leading to a haunted trail event, a haunted barn, a reptile exhibit, and a paintball shoot.  We cannot speak to the paintball shoot as we did not do it during our visit.
     We visited them on their second night, which never seems fair and yet is the only way we can visit any haunts (spacing them out through the season).  Honestly, we can say that Fear the Woods has drastically improved their sets over the past couple of years.  The trail was once barely more than lights and sheets, however it now has well developed scenes with details that draw you into the imagination of the designers.  The barn has several newer rooms which include floor to ceiling set dressing to a high level.
     The only drawback this year was found within the availability of their actors.  They have several actors which are highly skilled in their timing and interactions, however they had not yet fully used the talents of those actors to better develop the abilities of their newer actors.  We are also certain, after speaking with management, that they were short on staff that evening.  This was something we expected to hear after going through the barn and finding one or two rooms feeling empty.  The pleasant surprise for us was actually having the management take note (literally!) of what we had experienced so that they could work to improve.  We are certain that they are going to be showing drastic growth through the season, so we do hope that you will check them out.
     We recommend this attraction as primarily a family event.  As we grow nearer to Halloween this will likely change and become more of an attraction where the smaller children may become too frightened.  For their sets we can see giving them three and a half severed heads out of five, but their actors have us looking at two severed heads from that experience.  We know that they are working on the needed improvements, and we hope to hear from others who attend later in the season, but for now we are going to split the difference as best as we can and give them two and a half severed heads.  We saw people running out, however we couldn't personally attest to why during our visit.  Let us know what you experience.  We are always happy to post guest blogs and look forward to hearing from you as you visit various haunts and share your stories and opinions.

Nightmare's Gate, Douglasville, GA 2014

     Nightmare's Gate is a haunt which we have reviewed in the past with a very harsh tongue.  We always attempt to give those haunts some time before we return so that they have the opportunity to grow and evolve into something more.  This attraction is a prime example of how a management who is willing to listen and cares about the performance they are putting on can make a huge difference.  This year we are extremely proud to announce that we recommend Nightmare's Gate to all of our fans and followers.  Every details, from line actors to sets, has been improved.  One of the visitors we saw exit Nightmare's Gate recently took off at a very abrupt sprint across the parking lot...she was just that scared!  We are revising our previous opinion of this attraction and awarding them four out of five severed heads!  Give them a chance and they will have you screaming for more.

Camp Blood, Carrolton, GA, 2014

     This year's visit to Camp Blood in Carrolton, Georgia included a few guests who are new to haunting.  Two of the brand new Scareactors for The Haunted Theatre on Hill Street, located in Griffin, Georgia, visited Camp Blood and have provided their own review for your enjoyment.

Netherworld 2014

     Fifteen of us avid haunt fans gathered together to partake in the wonders of Netherworld Haunted House in Norcross, Georgia this year.  As you may expect, we were not disappointed, The Netherspawn were in full effect and attacked with abandon.  The path changes created a scenario where even those who thought they were familiar with this attraction were frequently caught off guard.
     The two attractions this year are Season of the Witch and Spliced.  Season of the Witch, their primary attraction, seemed to have a limited amount to do with the namesake characters once you passed through the first few spaces.  The witches which were encountered were either outside of the haunt or within the first few rooms, and their characters were entrancingly detailed.  The remained of this attraction was highly detailed and frequently transports the guests imagination into the fantastical realm, as is intended.  Every night of the season visitors to the parking lot of Netherworld can discover just how terrifying the production can be simply by observing the continuous flow of running and screaming visitors exiting the upstairs attraction.
     The secondary attraction, Spliced, is not to be outdone by it's "big brother" upstairs.  Though this event is shorter in distance and time for completion, it does have it's own special treats for the guests.  There is one space within this area which includes a remarkably steep angle, but that is the only warning you are getting from us.  It has been said that this attraction was remodeled this year to add space, and when we found the space which had been created we were extremely impressed with the concept and how well this additional space was used.
     We know that it seems a bit redundant for us to review Netherworld year after year, but they are highly enjoyable and local to us.  We couldn't imagine beginning, or wrapping up, haunt season without visits to our favorite location.  Netherworld consistently rates at five severed heads for us, setting the standard for all other attractions to live up to.

---- "I lost a contact!" S.A. (after her visit to Season of the Witch and the shock of having her contact lens pop out of her eye when a scare occurred)