Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nightmare's Gate, Douglasville, GA 2014

     Nightmare's Gate is a haunt which we have reviewed in the past with a very harsh tongue.  We always attempt to give those haunts some time before we return so that they have the opportunity to grow and evolve into something more.  This attraction is a prime example of how a management who is willing to listen and cares about the performance they are putting on can make a huge difference.  This year we are extremely proud to announce that we recommend Nightmare's Gate to all of our fans and followers.  Every details, from line actors to sets, has been improved.  One of the visitors we saw exit Nightmare's Gate recently took off at a very abrupt sprint across the parking lot...she was just that scared!  We are revising our previous opinion of this attraction and awarding them four out of five severed heads!  Give them a chance and they will have you screaming for more.