Sunday, May 16, 2010

Best Backyard Haunt of 2009!

Jailbreak Haunt, just outside of Charlotte, NC
October, 2009

This haunt is a backyard haunt that was better than several of the professional haunts we attended.  They understood how to time their scares very well.  The most unique facts about this haunt is that it is family run and essential designed by two teenagers.  Their mother was extremely proud when we talked to her after we went through their maze.  One of the neighborhood girls was a character within the maze and that girl had a scream that could land her as a horror queen in Hollywood if she gets discovered.  We've been through quite a few haunts and it takes a lot to scare us, but we both were disoriented and fell pray to jump scares more than once.  If you're in the area near Halloween see if you can find this location.  I hope that they keep this up and running for years to come.  Maybe they will someday take it pro!  They would be a great investment in that area.