Saturday, September 29, 2012

Camp Blood 2012

                It's time for a walk on the wild side, on the woody side of things.  Taking a walk through the haunted attractions at Camp Blood is always a good way to pass the time.  We decided to take our chances in the forest on Friday, September 28, 2012.  You certainly can't create ambiance like that found at Camp Blood in Carrollton, Georgia.  Nature itself has its own amazing creepiness factor when you cover it with fog and loneliness in the dark.  If you are afraid of what goes bump in the night, then wait until you hear what else happens out there.

                Prepare yourself for a lot of walking, starting from your parking spot to the ticket plaza and continuing for the rest of the night.  If you feel the need to run in fear at some point please think again, it really is in the woods and wouldn't be smart to give the monsters the advantage of your inability to see a rock or a tree root.  Uneven surfaces aren't just for dirt trails anymore and can be found within built up sets as well, so tennis shoes are a must for anyone hoping to escape unscathed.

                Camp Blood has three attractions to fear, though they are all a part of one continuous walk through.  One extra event includes a Zombie Paintball shoot that is an additional fee.  We didn't check out the paintball, but another group that was there seemed to have highly enjoyed themselves.  One of the zombies did escape from the enclosure and set out to terrorize more victims in the waiting area.  He aimed a couple of good bite attempts at us, but we managed to escape without becoming infected.  Amazing characters such as this one make the drive well worth it.  The owner of Camp Blood and his acting coordinator work very hard with their staff to ensure proper training and a high level experience for each guest.  They are always open to hearing your feedback, rather it is positive or not.  We think that they especially love to hear what you would like to see and didn't, since that gives them even more ideas to work with.  Changes can happen at any time, so don't assume that one experience there will be just the same as another. 

                Camp Blood has experienced some definite growth and improvement over the past few years.  There are always areas for haunts to show improvements in.  We would have liked it if their Claustrophobia haunt had been pitch black, rather than just dark.  Feedback such as this is much appreciated at this attraction.  They are also the type of business that works well to cross-promote with other attractions in both Georgia and Alabama.  Seeing that type of courtesy and concern for one another within the haunt industry is a wonderful thing and we hope that more attractions will take on a similar attitude.  One other way that they are working well with other haunts is in how they partnered with a company to produce a custom fog juice that is named Hog Fog.  It remains thick and consistent within the attraction, while still spreading out to cover a good deal of space.  They have other haunters using this at their businesses and they listen to their responses to the product to keep continuous improvements in mind.

                Be sure to enjoy the redneck fortune teller, carnival games, projected movie, and the gift shop while you are visiting Camp Blood.  Don't get too tied up when you go through the Asylum section this year, though you might find it difficult to leave without going crazy yourself.  When you do make it into the camp section be sure to watch out for the Boogeyman, who could be lurking anywhere.  If you make it into Claustrophobia be sure to suck it all in and watch those sharp turns.  Completing your journey will land you at the gift shop where you can check out their t-shirts and grab a cold Monster Energy Drink to keep your energy level high for the drive home.  Walking back to your car is another adventure that you still have to complete before you can really be done with the world in the woods that is Camp Blood.  It is all worth it and we hope that survival is in the cards for you.

                Camp Blood is a better than average haunted attraction that is constantly striving to give the guests exactly what they want, even if it isn't quite what they expect.  Their location is in a remote area, which is great for scares and horrible for navigation.  The searching and following of signs will all be worth it when you arrive.  We have given Camp Blood a well deserved rating of 3.75 severed heads.  We hope that you'll lose your head over them and let us know all about your experience.