Sunday, September 20, 2015

Camp Blood, Carrolton, GA 2015

     Camp Blood in Carrolton, Georgia is one of usual season opening attractions.  That was the case again this year.  We wrapped up a busy night with a visit to the woods and stayed to visit until well after closing (resulting in our own arrival home at almost 4 AM!!).  We may be tired today, but it was worth the late hour to have this experience once again.
     Walking from the parking area to the ticket booth should be ranked as an attraction in and of itself.  Alone on a country road in rural Georgia, surrounded by trees.  The night pierced by the sounds of distant screams and chainsaws mingled with crickets.  As you approach you should take a moment to look up at the night sky where you can see a multitude of stars that we don't usually see in more urban areas.
     Our greatest tip to anyone going to Camp Blood is to remember that you will be spending an abundance of time outside, including time on the trails.  With that in mind you should consider: the shoes you choose, the temperature of the evening, and your ability to see in low light settings.  If you think about those things before deciding to go you should be ready.
     This attraction has a special place in our hearts because they love to donate so much to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and other local charities.  No matter how their own lives are going, and we've known their struggles, they strive to enhance the attraction every year and give their guests an enjoyable experience.
     The staff are friendly, and the majority are volunteers.  It is always difficult to find volunteers who are going to live up to what you want.  Camp Blood has been fortunate to find a staff where the majority are hard workers and want to see you enjoying your evening.  The few who spend their evenings crawling around on the forest floor are intensely qualified for their roles.  Please be careful not to kick them when you suddenly encounter them.
     Bring along a little extra cash so that you can grab a snack or check out some of the redneck games located around the bonfire.  We also were granted a sneak peak at something that they are working on for next year and we LOVE it!
     This year we are rating them at 3 and a half severed heads out of 5.  We know that they want to be a 5, but that's a very tricky thing for anyone to achieve.  We've been asked before what it takes to reach a 5 and the simplest explanation that I have is that we have to become so involved in the situation that we forget we are in a haunted attraction.
     Happy haunting!