Sunday, September 20, 2015

Nightmare's Gate, Douglasville, GA 2015

     On Saturday, September 19, 2015 we attended the VIP/Media Night event at Nightmare's Gate Haunted House in Douglasville, Georgia.  It was great to take with us a friend who had never been as well as seeing our friends from Atlanta Haunt Review at the event.
     Nightmare's Gate is rising through the ranks very quickly.  Their thorough theming and consistent attention to detail makes a trip through their prison a memorable occasion for anyone.  Visits begin with encounters with scareactors while you are in line.  They are extremely skilled at staying in the zone with their acting.  We have attempted to get them to break out of their characters and failed miserably each time.  When we share one of our videos from this night you'll see that they were even sticking to us like glue during portions of the filming.
     Our friend who went with us is relatively new to haunts and is a fairly skittish person.  She positively loved it!  Everyone we saw was laughing and smiling.  If that sounds odd to you let me share something with you that may help you understand.  Most people get startled or scared at some point and after their initial reaction they laugh.  If an actor is truly skilled they will realize when they can't scare you and attempt to entertain you.  Either way you end up laughing and enjoying your evening.
     We can't begin to fathom why Nightmare's Gate is not on one of the national lists of amazing haunts.  They went from near the bottom of our list not so long ago, to one of the top haunts we have attended.  We are excited to rank them with 4 and half severed heads out of a possible 5 this year.  Happy haunting!