Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dixieland Theme Park's Halloweve in Fayettville, GA

     We are not posting the link to this location for a reason.  A good reason.
     This has to be the worst haunted attraction we have been to this year, including the one we refused to name earlier in the season.  It was a good thing we bought the tickets early and got them for ten dollars each, or we would have been even angrier.  If you were to go right now you would pay five dollars for parking (if you don't have a discount coupon for free parking) and twenty dollars for admission for one person.  I suppose I should explain, but I just can't do it in nice little paragraphs.  Here's the low-down in list form:
*  extremely dark park, with no signs (or really small signs that you couldn't see) or maps to help you find where you are going
*  website that promotes events, however they aren't always happening when you arrive (this happened to us when we thought the magician would be performing)
*  website says that they are using "haunted overlays" on their rides to theme them, but all they did was change a program on a simulator and put the coaster in the dark with a strobe light
*  the hayride is so short that it wasn't worth the time, may have only lasted five minutes and included 3-5 scenes (some without actors at all)
*  the cost did include unlimited rides on some of the thrill rides, but that was one of the only good things we found
*  the farm haunt is themed well, but we walked through it in about two minutes and were completely confused by the ending that made no sense at all...and the actors practically followed us through the haunt rather than do their scare (get in and get out)....oh! and the rules part of the haunt weren't given/stated until we were about two scenes into a five or six scene haunt
*  the only good haunt makes you ride their car ride (which you can't steer) and then walk through the house (which is inconsistently themed)
*  the haunt that was okay had only about two scenes that were worth the time and effort to go through
*  on the night we went there were at least two items that we either could no locate or were closed down for the night
*  in their ads they claim to be the largest haunt of it's kind in Georgia, but Six Flags is a theme park like them and they do Fright Fest including a haunted I highly doubt they are the largest (especially if you factor in other Georgia haunts such as Netherworld or Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse)

    Okay, I've ranted enough for now.  As you can see we didn't really enjoy ourselves.  When we left I immediately called a friend who lives near there and was planning on taking her children.  I had to let her know not to waste her hard earned money on this event when there were far better ones in the area.  We ranked this event with 0 severed heads, but then decided that we could rank it at 1 severed head IF we could include the unlimited rides on the thrill rides (but they aren't a part of the HAUNT, so that just doesn't feel right).