Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are?

Us?  Well, that's complicated.  Our names are Misty and Bryan and we enjoy haunted houses.  This summer we got married (a second marriage for each of us) although we've known each other since the seventh grade.  Some day we might be able to travel farther and longer for our haunt hobby, but right now there are still the real jobs to contend with.

It has been asked of us how it is that we feel qualified to rate haunted attractions.  For three years we ran a backyard haunt that was very popular in our hometown, but that's not what makes us people to listen to on the subject.  We attend an average of 13 - 18 haunts per haunt season, but that's not what makes us valid resources.  The only reason that we are what we consider to be a valid resource on haunted attractions is that we love going and when we first started going we spent time on the internet searching for information on the haunts that didn't come from the haunts.  Do you know how hard it is to find stuff out there that isn't sponsored by the haunt or written by them?  They all say they are the best in their area, and sometimes that's true when they are the only one in their area.  It got really frustrating for us to read all of the great hype and then show up to find that it trully SUCKED.  That's when we decided that two average people with a passion for the industry should get involved.  If we were going to talk about the haunts in the car after we left them, discussing what we thought were strengths and weaknesses, then why not share our thoughts with others and help them out as well.  It all seemed to make sense.  We've never received a free ticket or any form of payment for going to a haunt, and couldn't care less about getting something out of it.  This is a wonderful hobby to us, and if we help other fans out there find places that are the best choices for the money then that's a bonus.  We saw an opening for a missing resource in our area and we took it.  There are other groups that do the same thing all over the country, but we are currently pretty much stuck in the southeast US for now. 

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Now...on to the next.