Sunday, October 3, 2010

Zombie Experience

Have you ever wanted to be in a zombie movie?  Do you think you could make it out alive?  We feel like this is exactly what we did on Saturday night.  Atlanta Zombie Apocolypse is located off of Moreland Avenue and is definitely NOT what you would think of as a haunted house.  If you are looking for a traditional haunted house that moves you from room to room with drastic changes between them, then this is not the one for you.  This attraction will emmerse you in the feeling of being escorted by millitary personnel through a zombie infested world to a safe location.  Your military guides will need your help at points, so listen carefully.  That shouldn't be any trouble since you find yourself automatically calling out things as you go along.  Through there use of actors and some very simple props you literally become a part of the zombie movie of your life.  Can you escape?  Follow the guidance of your military leader and you just might be able to.  Keep a sharp eye out for zombies that might want some brains for dinner and you will be able to help keep you and your party from joining their forces.  There is one point where you look back and find that you are almost surrounded by a hord of zombies that want to have you for dinner, literally.  These are no fast moving zombies, but rather the traditional slow zombies.  You would think that this wouldn't scare you as much, but you would be wrong.  When you let yourself be drawn into the world that they have created for you it's easy to believe that these zombies will find a way to catch you if they can.

Atlanta Zombie Apocolypse has several different choices for your visit.  First, you need to be aware that there is a $3 cash charge for parking that is used to pay for staff that remain in the parking lot to make sure behaviors remain acceptable.  Secondly, the zombie experience (haunt) is $20 each.  Next, there is a paintball experience where you can go into a seperate area and use a paintball gun to shoot zombies who are attacking you.  The paintball area experience can be purchased seperately for $15.  If you want to do both activities you can purchase a combo ticket for a discounted rate of $30.

Be ready, because your experience will actually begin before you have purchased your tickets.  We won't spoil it by saying how, but we will say that it all completely adds up to you believing that you are about to be guided to safety in a world overrun by a zombie infection.  This event was incredible, and we already want to go back.  On our scale of 1-5 severed heads, we rank Atlanta Zombie Apocolypse at 4 severed heads.  Check them out and see if you can make it out alive....or dead.

Update 2011:  The sequel is never as good as the original.  This year has some things that left a bad taste for us, so look for our updated review coming soon.