Monday, October 18, 2010

A Few Shots from Busch Gardens Howl-O-Screams 2010

Big monsters were scattered throughout the park, and we got lucky enough to run into a good sized group of them right as the night was starting.

Trapped in the Walls is a haunt that takes you in to a paranormal hotspot set up where there are many things trapped inside with you.  After you go through decontamination you will enter the home and experience a variety of their own "paranormal" events.

This haunt wasn't the best one there for sure.  It seemed fairly well themed, but it just didn't always flow so well. 

One of the sorority girls from D.E.D.E.R haunted house got ahold of Bryan at one of their photo-op sites.
Taste of Blood was our favorite haunted house there, but only when we were there early enough to go in alone.  We went back later in the night when you have to walk through in one long line and it lost all of it's appeal.

Death Row Vengeance No Escape is a well themed jail haunt. There were several really amazing special effects used, but as with the other haunts it lost some of it's "pow" when sent through in a continuous line.

Fiends is a great stage show that we saw.  It was fun from beginning to end.  We loved both this show and Blood Relations that we watched during our dinner package that let us in to the haunts early.

Oh, look, Bryan found a friend with brains.  Literally.  Their costumes are really well done.