Friday, October 29, 2010

Your Thoughts

Yeah, you, sitting there reading this.  You're reading this because you either attend haunted attractions or are looking for information about one.  Since that's what we were when we started this we absolutely want to hear what you think about the haunted attractions/events that you have been to.  Now, we don't want to know how you feel about a place that you haven't experienced.  That wouldn't really help.  If you have been to something this year that was amazing, or even something that made you feel as though you had wasted your hard earned money, then please either post a comment on our blog or send us an email and we will copy and paste your thoughts into a blog entry.  We can't be at every haunt every year, and we certainly couldn't afford it.  As this season winds down take a moment to think about what you have experienced and send us a comment or an email about it.  Please include the name of the haunt, city, state, thoughts, and a name we can use for you.  We look forward to hearing from you and spreading the word on what's out there for fans of haunted attractions.