Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Guest Review: Camp Blood, Carrolton, GA 2013

Camp blood in Carrolton, Georgia was one of the best experiences I've had. This was my first redneck themed haunt, and I have to say, they did a horrifyingly good job. To start off, when we went to play some carnival games then got our palms read by a fortune teller who was sweet, and gave a lot of advice. Her little shack was creatively decorated, and gave a creepy atmosphere. I thought that they were smart for even considering in decorating her little shack also instead of just focused on their haunts. From there, we head over to the hay ride first where we got to shoot zombies with paint balls. This was an interesting experience for me because I have never used a paint ball gun nor shoot people, and better yet was told that I can shoot the zombies where ever I wanted to (yes..ladies, you know what I mean). From there we relaxed, got some hot chocolate, allowed ourselves to calm down, then head over to the main haunt. One thing that I have to throw out there is that, their main haunt gave me more panic attacks than Netherworld did. The whole "redneck" aspect was still evident in their construction, and their theme was obvious. They did an awesome job! Another thing that I want to comment on, is that every room did not have a scare which is something that I look at in every haunt. I don't care for haunts that have a consistent scare in every single room because then it makes the customers expect it, and if they're expecting it, it doesn't work. Every haunt should have a room in between to allow customers get a little confused. So I guess the real question is "is it worth the money?" It depends honestly. If you're expecting it to be just as great as netherworld, then no, but if you're open minded and want to experience something completely new then yes!! I sure enjoyed it.