Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Guest Thoughts: Camp Blood, Paranoia, and Containment

I went to Camp Blood last night.  I enjoyed the Maze of Misery, I got the skull on the table but didn't find the exit.  The zombie paintball I thought was a huge disappointment.  The haunt- I have mixed thoughts.  This was my first time out there.  I could see a few years ago that this haunt may have been amazing but now showing age. 

Went through Containment again Saturday night and it sucked worse than the first time I went through it.  Just went through Paranoia with ****** tonight and she thought I was generous with rating them a C-, it was terrible.
From guest reviewer: Rock
So, I consider this proof that we will post your reviews even when we disagree.  We both love Camp Blood and I am addicted to the Maze of Misery.  I just know that I can solve this money back maze within the five minute time limit.  I felt as though I got really close to success when I tried, but just didn't make it out (even though I had a plan).  Sure, we would have loved for the zombie shoot to be longer, but it was our first one and we are not the best judges of that.  The age of the haunt makes sense when you consider their storyline.  Most of it really should be weathered, though I can see where there is always room for improvement in every haunt.
We didn't get to go to Containment and only one of us got to Paranoia this year.  We have to take your word for it on Containment, but as for Paranoia it felt fairly familiar.  We would have loved to have seen more changes, though we also understand their limitations.  We still have fun when we go, so as long as we are jumping, screaming, or laughing we seem to be happy (especially when we are tired and barely finding time to go at all).