Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Guest Review: Containment, Atlanta, GA 2013

As the story goes...

An assortment of demonic artifacts collected by the mysterious Frightmares Inc., was to be safely transported by train through Atlanta as part of a convoy of secured cargo containers.  The train derailed, causing the containers to crash onto the Atlantic Station property, followed by a series of unexplained incidents, disturbing behavior and mysterious disappearances.  
This was from the Containment website.
As always I base my reviews not only on the scare factor but also for value.  Do you get bang for your buck?  Ticket price is $25 per person.  They do not have a separate parking area so you will be required to pay to park.  I did attend on media night and went through twice.  
I had been curious on this one for a month with a question in my head on how to create a haunt using shipping containers.  You learn right away that you are not going through actual shipping containers. This haunt has a lot of animatronics, a lot.  Three are great, great placement and great timing.
Through this haunt you will be going in and out of buildings, there is stuff to see outside as well to keep victims entertained.  Your first room sets the scene up well for the theme of this haunt, plenty of artifacts to see then it goes a little all over the place.  The second room was very plain with just empty picture frames and no actor.  This trend repeats through this haunt, either filled with stuff to see or not really anything to see.  You will walk through a long padded room, I guess the guy in there had already escaped- not there on both trips.  Some rooms have a lot of space with not much to see and an actor that cannot carry a room.  There are rooms however that do work very well.  The finale is good with an animatronic that really rocked. Containment has potential, this is their first year.  I, and others did speak to some of the execs there and have invited us back to see how some changes were implemented.
This trip down the tracks gone horribly wrong gets a solid C.