Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Guest Review: Paranoia, Roswell, GA 2013

My reviews do not always rely on the scare factor but also the thicket price.  Do you get Bang for your Buck?

Back for their third year is Paranoia Haunted House in Roswell, Georgia.  Ticket price is $25 for two haunts:  The Underground and the Body Farm.  Your big one is The Underground.  Your opening is off to a great start as you are loaded onto a subway car that moves.  Yes, you will be transported about 50 yards if i had to guess. The area is crumbling and you must walk from there into the station.
The clerk makes everyone hold out their hand as she places a wet sponge on it.  I quickly held it under blacklight to see if it would glow but it did not so I have no idea why she does this.  There are some rooms that are decorated great, then some just not that well at all.  The finale, there is not one, three years in a row and still no true finale.  One thing Paranoia has done better is that there are a lot less long dark hallways, that i stand and applaud.  You finally got it.
The Body Farm is very dark lighting wise.  There is not a lot to see in here and is very quick.  You cannot see the actors that well to see what mask or makeup they have on or the costumes they may be wearing.  There is one room with three girls you do see that keep screaming to get out.  Take their advice because after them there wasn't much to see and yet again not even a sense of a finale.
Their advertising shows a guys face being tortured, there isn't anything close to this being represented, their actors also are very easy to come out of character.  The Underground started out with great theming and does seem to have slightly better actors than the Body Farm but is it worth $50 on a date night.  Sorry guys, third time is not the charm for that price- Paranoia gets a C.  This is being generous because i did like the subway car or this may have been a little lower.
 Keep Haunting- "Rock"