Sunday, November 1, 2015

Madworld, Piedmont, SC 2015

                Madworld Haunted Attraction is located in Piedmont, South Carolina which is near Greenville.  The event is an outdoor trail, although there are some indoor components.  They also host an escape room event on site, however we did not have the chance to participate in that attraction during our visit. 
                From the beginning we could tell that the event was going to be interesting.  Parking was highly organized, but because we were there before the official start time it was tricky to figure out where to enter after we parked.  We almost walked in the exit until we spotted the ticket booth just inside and found which set of ropes let that direction.  After entering we noticed that they had several things to keep you busy while you were there.  The gift shop, bonfire, and food vendors provided things to do while you waited or after you were finished.
                Please remember that this is an outdoor trail and you should remember to wear proper footwear to events such as this.  The ground is never my friend, so I try to wear the most comfortable and stable shoes that I can while attending haunts.  In this particular situation I still managed to encounter roots and limbs which made me wary of where I was placing my next steps.  This makes me move slightly slower than most people through events like this, so I take that into consideration.
                When we entered we did sign a waiver, which makes sense for anyone conducting an outdoor trail.  There is always that potential that someone will fall and get hurt, and nobody in the haunt industry wants to deal with those liabilities.  Insurance for haunts is expensive enough as it is, adding in some injury cases would make it ridiculous.
                While we were in line we were grouped with another set of people near us by the staff.  I murmured to them to please not do this since the woman in the group was already annoying to everyone near her, but they did it anyway.  This particular woman had been bumping into me and leaning her cell phone on my shoulder while in line, which you can imagine would both you.  As we proceeded through the first part of the haunt with her she bumped us, grabbed us, cursed at her child and his friend, and disobeyed directions to her from actors.  When we reached a certain point and she disobeyed we refused to continue with her.  The actor, to his amazing credit, managed to stay in character while contacting security to have her removed immediately.  We waited for this to be dealt with ahead of us on the trail and even had management come to us to apologize while we waited.  It became obvious that they were dealing with her and when we continued on she was nowhere to be found.  The remainder of the event went smoothly, but we definitely appreciate the level of service which we received once it became clear that she was ruining the night for everyone.  Customer service is a huge factor and we are happy to say that in the face of adversity the staff at Madworld have great customer service.
                The attraction combined a variety of sets within buildings that felt somewhat less than permanent, yet somehow fit into their surroundings well.  One of our favorites of the night was an encounter with a Freddy like character and a victim being sucked into a bed.  This particular scene was exceptionally well done and the character portrayal was spot-on. 

                When we left we did a short video in the parking lot and posted it to our Facebook Page for Haunt Review and concluded that our rating for Madworld was a 3.25 severed heads out of a possible five.  We highly encourage you to check them out.  They had high praise for other haunts that we discussed with them, and that level of professionalism is always appreciated as well.