Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sinister Suites, Griffin, GA 2015

                Sinister Suites is located in Griffin, Georgia in a very old building.  We have frequently heard people asking others if the story behind it is true, and then hearing that it is not.  We have nothing to base our verification on other than the memories of locals who are over eighty years old, and those memories at that age can either be accurate or not, so take it with a grain of salt. 
                We were pleased to notice that they had opened up one of the larger downstairs spaces as a que line area.  The detail work from  the original life of the building is still there in many ways, and that it something to occupy your mind while you wait.  We are also glad to see that more things which we thought were dangers in the past have been addressed.  The floors feel a bit more stable and the stairs have been repaired or replaced.
                The greatest strength which Sinister Suites has going for them is their sets.  The scenes, taking advantage of the original life of the location in most cases, are interesting to look at.  They appear to be well designed.  The greatest weakness of Sinister Suites is that everyone in the group we went through with (there were six of us, three couples who did not know one another) said the same thing about their actors: why don't they do more than scream?  After one or two screams even the people with us, who we found out don't go to a lot of haunts and had no idea that we write reviews, were expecting the screams and no longer concerned with them in any way.  The screaming loses its impact after it becomes predictable.  We took a moment after the haunt to ask a staff member who appeared to be in charge in some capacity about why their actors only seemed to know how to do three things: scream, yell come in, and yell get out. The response was, "That's how we do it here."  Well, that shows a lack of concern about it, even when a customer concern is brought to them about it.  This could be based on them recognizing us if they did, but we don't know if they did and would hope that this wouldn't be the answer if they did know we review.
                We have seen a lot of online posts that people say they are great, but we haven't specifically talked to people about why they liked them.  One thing that we can comment on from our experiences over multiple years attending without reviewing them is that we have never seen anyone leave who was running, screaming, or laughing as they exited.  To us that says something, but feel free to draw your own conclusions.
                Please note that you should be physically fit to attend Sinister Suites.  There are many flights up stairs that you must climb, going up and coming back down.  If you have anything which inhibits you from climbing stairs do not go as there is no other choice for you there.
                We rated Sinister Suites with 2.5 severed heads out of a possible five.  We feel that the sets are a plus, but the inability of the actors to be versatile when a situation is thrown at them detracts from the experience.  We also felt that having two staff members behind our group using radios and saying into them "clear (and the name of the room we were entering or leaving)" at full volume definitely was a distraction for us and others.  Please let us know what you did or did not enjoy if you have been to Sinister Suites in the past so that we can share a variety of views on this attraction.

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