Saturday, October 31, 2015

Folklore Haunted House, Acworth, GA 2015

               Folklore Haunted House is located in Acworth, Georgia and is an easy ride from most places in the metro Atlanta area.  Though it is a bit off the beaten path with the new location the move has been highly worthwhile for them.  This facility is expected to be able to expand to house a third haunt on site within the next two years and is still providing enough space to grow their existing haunts.  They have been around for a while now, but have had to move more than once due to temporary building rentals that did not work out.  We would love to know for sure that this new location was a purchase and will be their permanent haunting home (although we could do without the mud that can occur in the parking area from rain). 

               One of the greatest things about Folklore is their sets.  The scenes are detailed and often extravagant in nature.  Though there are some places where the walls are bare it only serves to add to the contrast which ebbs and flows throughout the haunt.  We also know that they will fully dress every space within the haunt given the money and time within a location.  The old factory which they are set in is historically beautiful and made us want to spend tire staring at tiny details from the original structure, which only serves to enhance the haunt itself.

               There are two haunts involved and they share one exit. We thought that this sounded a bit strange until we went through and realized that they have it worked out really well and it does not detract from the experience.  The main haunt is in the front of the structure with the secondary haunt entrance being around on the side of the building.  The talk of a third haunt includes a downstairs space which they have already begun to brainstorm ideas for.

               The greatest challenge for Folklore is having enough staff and characters to fill the space which they have.  They have worked on this in some very creative ways, which we won’t spoil for you here.  Needless to say, even when you don’t think that there is someone around in a room you can easily be surprised to find that there is someone right there by you that you knew nothing about.

               We love visiting Folklore and find it to be another reliable favorite over the years.  They are ready to perform on opening night with a show that will mesmerize most audiences.  We rate them with 4 severed heads out of 5 and feel that it could only rise from there with the acquisition of a permanent location allowing them to work on the attraction throughout the year.