Monday, October 12, 2015

Containment Haunted House, 2015

     Containment Haunted House is located in Hiram, Georgia.  This haunt has been given new life after its stint at Atlantic Station.  The modular haunt consists of a total of 33 shipping containers between the sign, office, storage, make-up, costuming, and haunt areas.  There have been a few modifications since it has been purchased, however they are not drastic...yet.
     The containers are currently located on land adjacent to the railroad tracks in old downtown Hiram.  The parking that is available is in downtown, and you walk across the tracks and down a gravel path to reach the ticket office.  When we did this, twice, it was raining.  We can honestly say that rain is not a friend for Containment.  The hill leading from the ticket office down to the haunt itself can become quite slippery when rain has been falling, so please be prepared for the mud if you go during or after rain (which there has been too much of this haunt season).
     Containment has several interesting characters located throughout which are fully prepared to interact with anything that you can throw at them.  If you get to meet Uncle Remus take a moment to enjoy it! These characters have been well considered and are developed enough, in almost every instance, to stand up to what would normally throw the average scareactor out of character.  The training which has been provided to this staff is evident and helps you to fully enjoy your experience.
     The sets range from minimal to fully themed, but each one has a great deal of potential.  The scenes range from a bathroom with enough details to fully immerse anyone to passageways between containers which can take you out of the moment due to the need for layered theming in those areas.  The items which have been added to the attraction by the current owners are well planned out and show that with time and funds they are going to continue to improve this haunt.  We can't wait to see what they do with it!  It's already hard to imagine that they only acquired it in August of this year and were ready enough to open for the current haunt season.
     We ranked Containment at 3.75 severed heads.  We try to stick with halves or wholes most of the time, but some haunts fit between levels and we also try to be accurate.  The customer service is impeccable, the actors skilled, and the sets well on their way to being excellent.  This haunt has a great future ahead of them if you only go to check them out.  No haunt can be successful (now or in the future) without the customers who make it all possible.  Go, Take a friend.  We took ten on the second night that we went!