Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fear the Woods, Stockbridge, GA 2015

               Fear the Woods is located in Stockbridge, Georgia at a combined pumpkin patch and Christmas tree farm.  Fear the Woods is a multi-event attraction including a haunted house, a haunted trail, and zombie paintball.  Located at the same facility you also can find a reptile exhibit, possible live music, and a variety of other smaller activities for those in your party to enjoy.  For a $30 combo ticket you can enjoy it all!

               After we had our tickets well in hand we roamed through the reptile exhibit while we waited for everything to get started.  The animals here are real and on loan from Randar’s Reptiles, a shop not too terribly far away.  They are beautiful and some are even entertaining.  It is a great way to spend a few minutes between events or while waiting for the night to begin.

               Once the lines began to form for the main attractions we chose to go through the haunted house first.  This particular event has been known to be either really good or really a letdown, depending on the year.  This year it was well considered and structured with actors who were better than we have seen there in the past.  Some of the highlights for this attraction include walls which change, scares from down low and up high, and sets which are beautifully designed. 

               After exiting the haunted house we joined the wagon for the zombie paintball experience.  This particular event has a lot of potential, but it is not fully developed in our opinion.  They have one section which is limited due to nearby neighbors, as well as the actors are also a bit sparser through some sections of the shoot.  It is fun to shoot the paintball guns and experience interactions, and we can clearly see where they have room to evolve this attraction into something more over time.

               When we were dropped back off by the hayride style wagon we hopped onto the bus. Yes, we said bus.  This party bus style treat involves current popular music, laser lights, and surprises as it takes you from the front of the facility around to the trailhead at the rear of the lot.  We loved this so much that we were talking with one of the staff members about how we could see people wanting to rent this bus as a party bus for events.  We would!

               When you eventually are kicked out of your ride you are at the starting point for the trail portion of the haunt.  This trail includes enough light to feel reasonably safe for walking and reasonably intimidating due to darkness.  The path twists and turns through outdoor as well as indoor scenes as your progress along.  The indoor scenes here are some of our favorites at this location.  They are well layered and clearly have had serious thought put into their conception and design.  We would love to see scenes like those spread like a virus throughout the remainder of the event. 

               The only downsides which we found to this event were that the big props were not necessarily used to their fullest potential, the 3-D glasses were not in the best shape for actually experiencing the 3-D effects in that section, and the paintball needed some more staff members willing to be zombie victims.  With that taken into consideration, we looked at our overall experience and found that we rate them at 3.5 severed heads out of a possible five.  We love going there and the staff makes the trip enjoyable with their exceptional customer service.  Check them out and let us know what you think.