Saturday, October 31, 2015

Gates of Misery, Rome, GA 2015

               Gates of Misery haunted house is located in Rome, Georgia across from what seems to be the central office for the school district.  We found this highly entertaining and our initial impression was rooted in the idea that it couldn’t be too terrifying if it is across from a school system building.  This environmentally induced piece of input from our surroundings was misleading, and we are very glad that it was.      

               The facility is located in what appears to have been a factory or warehouse in its former incarnation, however it currently is housing some meticulously crafted and layered sets filled with menacing creatures ready to involve you in their stories throughout the night.  The scares begin before you have even entered the attraction, which is always a plus.  You may meet some rather disturbing characters on your way in the gates, but do not be alarmed, they are the least of your worries.

               The management of Gates of Misery has figured out some things which we see as highly intelligent decisions and it shows from beginning to end.  This is a self-guided tour with a high quantity of high quality actors throughout.  They are ready for you and anything that you can throw at them (we do so love trying to get an actor to break character, you have been warned).  The staff were talented, skilled, and had a variety of weapons within both their physical and verbal arsenals. 

               The scenes were visually appealing as well as multi-layered.  There was input for your eyes, but also for your ears and nose.  The sprawling multi-leveled haunt includes a dining room with a table set for entertaining the most vicious of cannibalistic villains, a bathroom which would make both Norman Bates and Mr. Clean cringe, and a true maze with multiple potential paths to take.  The haunt is stimulating to your senses and keeps your mind active as you follow the path which has been laid out for you.

               We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and when we weren’t jumping we were laughing (if you can’t scare the patron then you had darn well better entertain them so that they get their money’s worth!).  Gates of Misery was worth the drive to the northeast corner of Georgia for us and made up for other not so great experiences which we had that same evening.  Our opinions of Gates of Misery were slightly split, so we took an average.  We rate them at an unusual 4.6 severed heads out of a possible five.  This is extremely high for us, which should definitely be noted.  This is a haunt which is not to be missed!