Saturday, October 31, 2015

Plantation Blood, Augusta, GA 2015

               Plantation Blood in Augusta, Georgia is an old favorite.  Going there for us is like coming home.  The staff provides amazing customer service and truly listens to what their guests want.  One case which clearly points this out is that they planned to remove an entire zombie section and their fans complained that they loved the zombies, so they found a way to keep that well-loved element with a twist.  Haunters such as this have a passion for what they are doing and long to see satisfied customers either running or smiling as they exit the fence after a night of mischief.

               Plantation Blood has a long history rooted in the Augusta area, and when we visited some haunts in North Carolina which disappointed us we needed something that was reliable and enjoyable to end our weekend.  It was a long drive down from Charlotte, North Carolina, but it was worth every mile of it.

               This particular haunted attraction is set up as a multi-layered event.  After purchasing your tickets, you will pass through a space which can either be benign or be used to scare.  Once you are beyond the fence you will see roaming characters, reasonably priced food, souvenirs, and other activities which you can choose to partake in.  One of the souvenirs this year is related to your own personal experience going through the haunt house.  As you pass through there are hidden cameras throughout and they are set to capture the scares.  These images are then able to be purchased in print or digitally.  What we found to be the best deal was a combo pack with one print of your choice and the remainder of your images emailed to you in a link for only $10.  When was the last time that you saw a souvenir of that quality for only $10? 

               For your haunted house experience, you may choose to stand in the general line or go for fast pass service.  On a busy night (they can have lengthy waits) you may find it more beneficial to get the fast pass, but if you don’t mind hanging out in line and chatting up others it can be fun to wait your turn like everyone else.

               The haunted house itself is a twisting and turning maze of motion and sound.  Frequently you will find that things are not always as they seem.  The walls around you, and even the floors beneath you, will leave you questioning your decision to traverse their course.  Objects which should not interact with you suddenly come to life with either motion or sound, and sometimes with both.  The environment which you have chosen to drop yourself into contains realms from houses, caves, cabin, creatures, and hordes of zombies.  Everything around you has been planned and implemented in order to bring the best possible experience to you.  The technology which they are running on has been created by one of their team members and is just beginning to make it out into the market for other haunts across the country.  They are able to program in a variety of sensory experiences based upon your interactions with the environment and their equipment.  This elevates the haunt experience to the next level.

               Sights, sounds, and smells engulf your senses and add to the realism of the world you are trekking through.  This haunt is not for wimps and small children, though you may take them with you for your own entertainment value.  We rate Plantation Blood with 4.5 severed heads of out 5 and can’t wait to return there with victims, um, friends, in the future.