Saturday, October 31, 2015

Talmadge Brothers' Funeral Home and Casket Company, Jasper, GA 2015

               Talmadge Brothers’ Funeral Home and Casket Company is located in Jasper, Georgia not far from the Woodbridge Inn.  When you arrive at the scene of the accident you will find that a hearse has had an unfortunate run-in with a power pole and the situation is rather unstable.  Flames erupt from the transformer and alight the night sky.  Carefully skirt the edge of the incident and you will find the entrance to the attraction. 

               The set pieces upon entry into the facility are a bit of a mixed bag.  There is a highly detailed and extremely beautiful cabin front porch in the same area as the ropes which function to guide the que line.  The ticket booth is highly generic in the adjacent space with a table set up for merchandise sales next to it.  The plain and simple has interspersed areas of detail and creativity.

               Once you have your passes and you have traversed the que line you will believe that you have begun your haunt experience, however you may soon find that the journey through has not actually begun yet.  Surprisingly the initial sets that are located before the formal entrance are so intricate and well designed that you become immediately immersed in the world being created for you.  The floors bulge and sag beneath your feet in a manner which throws off your balance before you are able to even begin your experience in earnest.  We fully admit that we fell in love with those floors and it got our hopes up for what was to come.

               Once you finally enter the active portion of the haunt you will experience a wide variety of situations.  There will be moments which are subtle while others are in your face.  There will be extreme contrasts between dark and light areas, which impact your ability to see well and help them to keep you further off balance throughout the attraction.  The elements will conspire together to immerse you in a world where the dead come to life and so do things which should never be alive in the first place.

               One of the most memorable moments for us was the elevator ride that felt as though it genuinely wanted to drop us into the pits of hell.  It was exhilarating and highly enjoyable which having the potential to absolutely terrify the typical haunt patron.

               We highly recommend a trip up to Jasper to visit the Jasper Brothers’ Funeral Home and Casket Company.  We sincerely hope that you do not need to make your own final arrangements while you are there, however they are prepared with a special resting place for you if you find that you need it.  We strongly rate this attraction with 3.75 severed heads out of a possible 5 and hope that many more people can make the trek to their facility…and survive to tell the tale.

               As always, we love to hear about your experiences with this or any other haunted attraction.  We happily post any reviews which are submitted to us and look forward to hearing from you.  Happy haunting!