Sunday, October 4, 2015

Netherworld, 2015

     Do we really need to say once more how much fun we have at Netherworld in Norcross, Georgia?  I guess we do!  It is a new season with some new incarnations at Netherworld.  The Rotting and Vault 13 are prepared to accept new victims.  Each haunt is just as thoroughly detailed as always, and the characters are ready for you from every possible angle.
     This year we have seen a ridiculous amount of rain in Georgia for the start of haunt season, so we had a rainy night for our visit as well.  Since the weather was being dreary and uncooperative we didn't have our usual fun-filled encounters with the scareactors outside of the haunt.  When we prepared to leave we did notice more characters roaming the lot, but we didn't get to enjoy them as we often do while we are distracted from the lines.
     The lines this year produced what seems to be a new development.  In the past the lines were not able to be formed until after the businesses in the attached building closed at 6 PM.  We noticed that the lines were prepared before that and all of those businesses are empty at this time.  Of course, we feel certain that this means huge things for the future and continued growth of Netherworld Haunted House.  The lines were even allowed inside of the building and took advantage of the hallway space to serpentine the masses up and down the ramp inside the building (which is far better than standing in the rain).
     Another new addition is the foam at the end of the smaller downstairs haunt.  Last year this space was a foggy whiteout room, which it still is in many ways.  Now you have a choice when you enter of going through only fog or going through the Toxic Foam.  We went for it! You only live once, right?  Our thoughts on this are varied.  First of all, it was fun and a novel experience.  Secondly, however, you come out soaking wet as though you stood in the rain.  If you choose to do the Toxic Foam please be aware of what this will mean for you when you exit.  You likely will not want to be going anywhere else afterwards (unless it is home) and you will be getting into your car in a completely drenched cat, jumped into the ocean, more water than an ice bucket challenge, level of prepared for that.
     As you are already aware, if you have read past reviews of Netherworld from us, we are huge fans.  It is a delight to visit and become encapsulated in the world which Ben and Billy have imagined for us.  The details are so well layered and considered that you can easily forget where you are and that you chose to enter into this journey of your own free will.  When you encounter monsters they will be fully interactive (yes, you may get touched...we love that), so just remember your own monster manners and that this is all in fun.
     Netherworld consistently receives our highest five severed heads rating and we encourage anyone who wants to take a trip into a fantastical world for a bit to make the trip to Norcross and meet with your own nightmares.  Happy haunting!