Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bloodwood Trail, Rome, GA 2015

               Bloodwood Trail is located in Rome, Georgia amongst a unique combination of close together neighborhood homes and dense forest landscapes.  The cost for attending is a $13 admission with the option to add on a $5 fast pass.  For a total of only $18 you can jump to the front of the line to begin your experience.

               One thing which must be stated up front with this attraction is that there is a real danger involved that patrons should be aware of.  This attraction is an outdoor trail, but that alone is not where the danger is found.  The trail was exceptionally dark in many places along that route and the path is not quite as well maintained as we feel that it should be for you to safely traverse the space over limb, roots, and dips at night.  Though it can be done safely, we feel that you should be warned to be careful.  Being a scaredy cat who runs would not be wise in any way at this particular event.

               While we did witness people who seemed to enjoy the attraction we cannot count ourselves among them.  We encountered many scareacters who came out of character far too easily, strike one.  Just because you are in the woods does not mean that you can neglect the need to provide more detailed and interesting set designs, strike two.  There was a tunnel which was hard and covered with carpet that you had to crawl through which was tilted downhill and muddy, strike three.  We could go on, but we just didn’t enjoy this one as much as we had hoped.  We could see the potential, and the line and parking indicated to us that some people definitely like it.

               When we considered the price of the attraction it seemed that if you lived local and were not someone who goes to a lot of haunted houses regularly it would probably be a pretty good deal and a reasonably enjoyable experience for you.  We drove for about two hours and did not find our experience to be either scary or entertaining, so for us it wasn’t worth the cost.  Everyone has their own experiences and I am sure that some of you would love this haunt, so please let us know if you visit it and enjoy it.  We would love to hear what it was about it, specifically, that you liked so that we can guide the right patrons to the right haunts.

               Based upon our own experience, and that’s really all that we can determine our ratings by, we gave Bloodwood Trail one severed head out of a possible five.  Please contact us with you experiences at this or any other haunted attraction so that we can share your thoughts.  You can find us on our Facebook Page: Haunt Review.  Message us through the Facebook Page for the fastest response.  We look forward to hearing about and sharing your haunted house experiences.