Sunday, November 1, 2015

Review Summary for 2015 Haunts

How did we rate the haunts to compare them against one another?  Here is our summary of Severed Head rankings for this year.  Our ratings can go as low as zero and as high as five.

Netherworld 5
Gates of Misery 4.6
Plantation Blood 4.5
Nightmare's Gate 4.5
Folklore 4
Zombie Farms 4
Containment 3.75
Talmadge Brothers' Funeral Home and Casket Company 3.75
Fear the Woods 3.75
Camp Blood 3.5
Haunted Theatre on Hill Street 3.25
Madworld 3.25
AZA: Dead End 3.25
Scream on the Trail 3
Nightmare Dungeon 2.5
Sinister Suites 2.5
Asylum of Terror 2
Paranoia 1.5
House on Horror Hill 1
Bloodwood Trail 1
Phobia Plantation 1

We can't wait to hear about your experiences at these and other haunted attractions.  Please feel free to comment here or message us through our Facebook Page (not the one that has friends, the one that is a fan page) and we will happily share your reviews here as well.

We are also friends with the reviewers at Atlanta Haunt Review and Dark Menagerie.  We encourage you to not take our word for it about any haunt, as every experience is different.  Read other reviews and do your research before you go anywhere.

As we wrap up this season we are finally getting to slow down, even though we know that several great haunts are staying open during the first full weekend of November and some may even be opening up for Friday the 13th.  Let us know what you encounter. Happy haunting!