Sunday, November 1, 2015

Phobia Plantation, Jackson, GA 2015

                Phobia Plantation is located in Jackson, Georgia near one of the major truck stops.  It is not the easiest place to locate when you get into the area.  When we did find it the building was nondescript and we would not have recognized it as a haunt if we had not been looking for one.
                When you purchase your tickets at the window you will sign a waiver.  Though they express to you some of the reasons why you are signing it, they are not entirely forthcoming about it.  They state that animals are some of the reasons, however that would not be our opinion on why you need a waiver there.  They do have a few snakes, and those are not having a waiver level impact upon you.  What we found that the waiver kept us from being able to do anything about was the section where you crawl over a hard surface, covered with food and gel filled gummy toys.  This particular segment made it impossible for us to move on to any other events that night as the food and gelatinous materials were ground into our clothes, especially the knees of our pants. After that particular section we were so into fight mode instead of flight mode that we did not enjoy anything else.  Let us clarify what that means.  The goal of a haunted house is to take advantage of your fight or flight response to stress and adrenaline.  They want to make you fearful so that your body initiates the flight response which makes you want to run or avoid your fear, the counterpoint to that is that they really do not want your fight response to come into play too much because it has results which can include punching, kicking, fighting, and disconnection from the experience.
                Another of our pet peeves is the frequent inclusion and misuse of black plastic.  We understand when individuals who do backyard haunts use black plastic to create walls, but if you have a building and are covering the walls with black plastic it makes no sense.  It is possible to have black plastic used well, however it is rare in our opinions.  This particular haunt had a lot of black plastic within a building and we could not understand why.
                Their final element was meant to be a claustrophobia room, however we were so into fight mode and therefore distrusting of them at that point that we refused to enter it because of how sketchy it appeared. We found an opening in the hanging walls and just walked out at that point.

                Due to our ruined clothing and the sketchy nature of portions of the event, combined with the cost of the attraction in relation to what we experienced, we rated Phobia Plantation with 1 severed head out of a possible five.  We did not feel that the attraction was a good use of our time or money for the experience that we had.  We're sure that there are people out there who probably had good experiences with this location and we would love to hear all sides of the story.  If you have a haunt experience anywhere that you would like to share please contact us either through the comments section of a post or through the messaging feature on our Facebook Page for Haunt Review.