Sunday, November 1, 2015

Zombie Farms, Winterville, GA 2015

                Zombie Farms is located in Winterville, Georgia just outside of Athens.  They have a permanent location, however it is an outdoor trail.  Please be advised to wear the correct footwear for this situation, especially if it has been raining within a day or two of your visit.  Another tip for visitors from us is that the GPS did not take us directly to the address, so keep driving after that and you will eventually clearly see the correct location.
                The haunt contains a variety of elements in addition to the trail itself.  They have a zombie photo opportunity set up, ghost stories being told, a bonfire, and for an upcharge you can do a behind the scenes tour which includes a change to tour backstage and talk with the crew.  We chose to do that bonus tour as well and would love to give a proper shout-out to the three stellar actors who were in animal regalia and spent so much time and energy on us because of our dolls that indicated we were a part of the Behind the Mask tour.  They did a superb job and could give pointers to others on how to make guests who have paid extra feel as though they are getting their money's worth.
                Two of the things that we really appreciated about this haunted attraction were the beautifully shared backstory and the clear trail path.  The backstory is built up as soon as your group enters the first entrance (there are two and the first is for a larger group to get the backstory, while the second breaks you into smaller groups and collects your tickets).  There is a video shown in a barnlike space which informs you of the history behind what you will experience.  The story is intricate and the video well done.  If you listen to it you will be more well informed about what you will encounter as you traverse the remainder of the trail.  The second thing that we loved was that the trail, for the most part, was smooth and easy to travel.  It was lit well enough to be seen, but not so much that it detracted from the scary setting that it was establishing.  Although we did encounter some roots during certain sections of the event they were not really a problem and were large enough to step on and keep moving without feeling as though you were constantly in danger of falling.
                One of our favorite sets located at Zombie Farms was called Halloween Town.  The reason that we loved it so much was not for the scare factor, but rather for the intricate details which it housed including its many trick-or-treaters.  Although several of their other sets are thoroughly detailed this one stands out above them for us. 
                If you have read even a few of our previous reviews you know that we have been to so many haunts it has become very difficult to get either of us to even jump.  I can happily report to you that we jumped several times during our walk through the woods and fields which make up Zombie Farms, which should be considered high praise for their actors.

                We rate Zombie Farms with a solid four severed heads out of a possible five.  This is a haunted attraction which is worth the drive, especially if you are a haunt fanatic and want to give their bonus tour a try.