Thursday, October 25, 2012

Forsyth Fear Factory 2012

                Are you looking for a good haunt to take your children to so that you can find out if they can handle it?  We have just the haunt for you!  Forsyth Fear Factory, in the city of Forsyth, Georgia is located in a Jumping Joey's business that specializes in those inflatable bouncy houses that kids enjoy so much.  On Friday and Saturday nights in October they transform into a haunted house that even includes some pint sized ghouls.  Their ideas are unique in some areas, and we definitely give them credit for reaching outside of the box and trying to put a little twist on some basic haunted house scares.  Even though this was their first year doing a haunt they got creative with it.  We do regret to say that it took them a long time to open and be fully ready for us to enter after their scheduled opening time, but they were polite and apologetic about it.  This isn't the haunt that you go to and expect a scare if you are someone who goes to a lot of haunts and seeks that adrenaline rush, but it is a good place to take your own little ghouls in order to find out if they can handle some startles.  Since this isn't our usual type of haunt we have to be honest and state that it scores about one and a half severed heads out of five on our scale, and that's mainly because of a certain low profile startle that we simply weren't expecting from them.  Take your kids trick-or-treating and maybe even call to see if they would be allowed to go through in their costumes.  As an adult you might enjoy shooting at some zombies once the kids have had their fun (for an additional cost, of course).