Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guest Review: Terror Train at Six Flags Over Georgia 2012

      My daughter who is 16 and myself went to opening preview night for Six Flags Frightfest for season passholders. Last year was the first year for Terror Train and it was awful, one head out of five would have been generous. This year I had no intention of going until I saw one word on the poster- reimagined. I view haunts in terms of scare, detail, and value. Terror Train is an additional fee of $10, was it worth a second trip out of the station?
     This year when you purchase your ticket they ask you to select a time in which to line up to ride. I thought a little odd but there is a reason. When our time approaches we get to the station. They check your time and have all with the same time come in and up to the gate to enter the train. The conductor comes out and tells a story about the town we are about to travel thru and one we will have to go around. It is a little long of a story but it is a nice set up.
      There are two conductors and our storyteller does most of the narration. Of course the tracks have been messed up and we head to Bloodtown, the town we were supposed to go around. Quickly you learn this is not last years ride. This was unbelievable. The sets were very well done, the actors are right on their marks. Last year the train stopped at the next station, bonus- it is now round trip! The actors come to the train, walk along with the train, perhaps get on the train and chase the train which was unexpected. The story line is very complete from start to finish. There are two surprise to keep the momentum moving.
     This trip was very well thought out, I can say the best Six Flags Over Georgia has offered in recent years. Even when you get off the train officers are waiting with clipboards asking if you would provide a statement of what you saw. It is all in the details folks that sets a haunt apart from others. Absolutely worth ten dollars instead of a funnel cake. Value, yes- entertaining, definitely- details yes, scary- not for my daughter and I, but we have been doing this a long time. However, people on this train were screaming and one scene shocked a bunch of people. This train trip is very memorable where you would recommend to others and talk about. Out of five heads, this train ride I am giving four heads.

- Rock


Anonymous said...

It's very sad to know tonight is the last night, I am an actor on terror train and will miss the screams of the scared until next year