Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guest Review: Paranoia 2012

Review of Paranoia, by Suzan and Joe B.

We found that Paranoia is in Alpharetta/Roswell area concealed in a strip mall. Since we knew nothing of this Haunt, we looked at their website for information on the type of house or story line to have something to go by when visiting. Unfortunately there is no synopsis, no hint as what the back story is. You do see the two House names, "Trauma Center" and "The Darkside".

Upon finding the location there were several Arrows pointing around back to an ally and Box Trailer with video/slide show on the side and Music playing very loud as if there were hundreds of people there to play over the noise. There were only 5 of us outside. Picking up our tickets was quick and the very nice ghoul behind the counter was very helpful with information. We moved on to get in line to enter "Trauma Center", when we climbed to the top of the steps just outside the door we found a few people in line before us and waited for our turn to enter the building. Fifteen minutes later we found out the real line was inside as we got our chance to enter through the doors, which is where there was large group of people in the waiting area and on a big screen was a classic Slasher movie playing to keep you entertained as you wait for your group to enter. The Hostess was doing a good job of keeping the guest interested and setting up anticipation of the scares to come. Fifteen minutes more flown by and our chance to enter has come. Anticipation of the first scare was building as we wound our way through the corridors to find the not so enthusiastic creature there waiting.

This is a very large space in which so much could be done, but if it weren't for the name "Trauma Center" you really wouldn't have known what you were walking through. There were lots of large sets that seem to be underdressed and not enough light to really get an idea of whose scaring you and why they would be. The Volunteer Actors were really sparse and far apart, therefore it was hard for them to really work a proper scare for each guest coming through, lots of missed opportunities and it did seem at times they didn't even want to get off the floor for an attempt. This house has great potential if they had more actors and interaction in the hallways instead of just the constant winding around. The best room is where the girl bends over backwards and flails about, very creepy, and she stayed with you as you walked through never giving up the character. the Finale was missed completely, all the sudden your just at the end.

"The Darkside" is in the ally, you actually pass by it to get to the main ticket counter and "Trauma Center", a Gypsy like Woman was working the door, a little on the docile side and could have been more animated and vocal. Here we entered, starting off in darkness with just a wisp of light to give you the general Idea of direction. You can hear voices but they were far away, opportunities to work with night vision to get close to the guest and whisper in their ears would have seriously increased the fright. As the light vanished we were winding our way around the maze holding on to a rope to show us the way, there were again missed opportunities for shock and scares, everything seemed far away and not focused.

Overall not impressive, but it could be. Plenty of potential. I give this house 3 out of 5 severed heads