Monday, October 15, 2012

Guest Review: Paranoia 2012

      Friday night a friend and I took a visit to Paranoia in Roswell, Georgia. When I go thru a haunt I view it in terms of scare, details and value. Paranoia is $22 a person for two haunts. I look at it as $50 for date night if you include gas to get there. If you visit their facebook page or view their posters the graphics are great. It really gets you pumped about what may be taking place or about to view if you go, or does it?
      Upon arrival, we walk to the ticket booth. Take note, there is a sandwich board with an arrow pointing the way to the ticket booth and entrance. The ticket area sets the mood. Dimly lit, blacklights, even our ticket person had glow in the dark nail polish, a nice touch. When you get your tickets you have two haunts to choose from, Trauma and The Darkside. We chose Trauma first. You walk up and enter a holding area as you wait for you party to go thru. They had a horror movie playing while you wait and an actor walk the line. This actor also checked your tickets. A big thing for me is to stay in character, which he constantly went in and out of character. He would have his stare down pat until asked a question and come out of it, answer, and go back into it causing people to laugh who were waiting in line. The doors open and it was our group's turn to go in.
     The rooms were well thought out decor wise. This house has a lot of space, you know this because you constantly are walking down a lot of dark halls until you get to your next scene. The actors timing was way off. My friend and I were in the front of the line and missed a lot. The scare or act would take place for the back of our group. Many times I had to slow down, stop, or even turn around completely in hopes of seeing a scene play out. I perhaps would have enjoyed Trauma a lot more if you subtracted all the dark corridors/hallways. This would have kept you in perspective of being in a Trauma center the whole time yet then it may have been a ten minute haunt. The finale of this room, I waited, I walked slow, very slow to the exit you can clearly see and nothing. Perhaps they were on a break.
      Darkside- Your hostess stays in character and tells you not to run as she checks your ticket. No smiles coming out of her as she leads you in. The actress in this first scene was incredible. It was different, well thought out, creepy, this woman deserves a raise. There is a slight mistep in the production of this scene on exactly when you are to move forward but very well done. Her last words to you set up for a great storyline. However it is sadly not followed through. Your next room is another dark hallway. This time you hear voices in the darkness instruct you what to do. I love this idea and continue. You enter the next room and once again the timing is so off we missed probably the second best scene in this haunt. The party we were paired with had to tell us what happened. The instructions we were given in the room before only lasted two rooms. They could have ran with a great opportunity and lost it. More dark hallways, this place loves dark hallways. Towards the end I made a wrong turn and entered their back area. I turn around to what will be our final room. The main actor in here was fixated on a blond woman in our group and taunted her until we exited never causing a rise out of her or paying attention to the rest of us.
      The Darkside had so much potential, if they would have stuck with the introduction storyline this could have been incredible. Did I ever see what was in their advertising? Sadly I did not, not even close. Paranoia has potential, but right now it is average. I would give Paranoia 3.25 heads out of five.
- "Rock"