Thursday, October 25, 2012

Underworld Haunted House 2012

                Cross the River Styx and join the evil that lies within Underworld Haunted House in Macon, Georgia.  Immerse yourself in scenes where F.E.A.R. takes on a life of its own and attempts to claim you as its next victim.  Though you are told not to run, you may run into some creatures encouraging you to get out.  That's the one thing that really does need to be worked on here, and after we talked with management we got the impression that they might be correcting that problem immediately.  I mean really, who pays to get in somewhere and then doesn't think it ironic that they are constantly screamed at to get out?  With that out of the way you get a great impression of the scenes which have been carefully laid out for you.  Sometimes you need to choose your own path wisely, hoping for the best.  You might end up getting the runs rather than running, in which case there are multiple bathroom stalls from which to choose from.  Just watch out, some of them are already occupied with dwellers who don't like being disturbed while doing their business.  Who does?  We should warn you that when you finally think that you have survived you will find out very shortly how wrong you were.  Diminutive hellions rise from the Underworld to take over and make you into one of them, which is perhaps the most frightening prospect ever to some.  Since it can get a little hot in the Underworld, you might want to keep your eyes open so that you can figure out where all of that heat is coming from.  Check out Underworld Haunted House as we rate them above average with three and a half severed heads out of five.  We see a lot of potential to scare the crap out of some folks, and find additional uses for their multiple bathroom stalls.