Friday, October 12, 2012

Plantation Blood 2012

                A bloody good time can be had by all at Plantation Blood haunted house in Augusta, Georgia.  We certainly felt our heart pumping a little faster as we traversed their unsettling attraction on Thursday, October 11, 2012.  If an accelerated heart rate will help you burn calories and lose weight then perhaps we should go through a few more times!  It could become a great form of aerobic exercise.  All kidding aside this is a unique haunt, with a lot of space, and many highly skilled staff members.  They really care about what you get from your visit.  Changes are done yearly to make for a better, and uniquely challenging, haunt experience for visitors.

                Don't let your guard down when you enter the Plantation, because that will be your fatal mistake.  Yes, we said fatal.  "Watch your step" would be an understatement.  Every step will fall somewhere that you don't expect, and lead you towards things that you can't imagine.  Sure, you'll find moments where you think that you know what's coming.  Absolutely, you'll end up getting a surprise to go with that prediction your mind was making.  Step into the dark and let it engulf you.  Surrender to the fact that you will become confused.  We wish you luck in mentally preparing yourself for the whole experience.

                We highly recommend going on a Friday or Saturday night, since those are the nights when the midway is in full swing.  They have been known to have fortune tellers, palm readers, glass walkers, and fire throwers available to entertain you.  You can enter the midway for only five dollars, without getting a ticket to the haunted house at all.  If you just want to check out the atmosphere, this is worthwhile on a weekend night.  Once you are within their fence you may find that you don't know how to get out without choosing to go through the plantation for the extra $20 admission, which is probably a smart move to escape the monsters that are on the midway.  We all know that when you survive one thing there is always something else waiting around the corner to test you, so it is possible that avoiding one set of monsters will only lead to something more devastating.

                Two major changes that we noticed on this visit were the absence of fog and scents within the haunt.  These detract from the guests ability to become fully immersed in the experience, yet we did find out the logic behind these choices so that we can share the reasoning with you.  The scents have been removed as a trial run to determine if some recently found information is correct.  At a trade event the gentlemen were informed that scents within the enclosed environment can cause visitors with breathing problems, such as asthma, to have respiratory difficulties.  In order to find out if this is true they have removed the scents, and so far they have had no complaints related to breathing.  It seems that this may actually be true, based on their experiment.  The absence of fog is related to a recent local policy adjustment that resulted in Plantation Blood acquiring a sixty-thousand dollar smoke detection system, rather than one for rising heat that many other haunts have.  Smoke detection units will go off and trigger sprinkles if they experience fog, therefore eliminating the ability to use fog in that environment.  They make up for these changes in many other ways, but for us they are noticeable and noteworthy to explain to others.

                As always the staff of Plantation Blood demonstrates a passion and competency for their craft and are more than willing to spend time with patrons in order to discuss their thoughts.  Customer service is a highly valued attribute in any arena, and it adds to experience.  We continue to rate Plantation Blood with four out of a possible five severed heads, which denotes an above average haunt that is ready to scare you.  Let us know your thoughts.  We do post guest reviews which we receive in emails, so please feel free to write to us about your own experiences at this or any other haunt.