Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nightmare Dungeon, Greenville, SC 2015

                Nightmare Dungeon is located in Greenville, South Carolina.  Although this attraction does have some high notes we would like to start by pointing out that we have had some very negative encounters with people claiming to be associated with them online, and this has actually made us think less of the haunt due to those supposed staff and their negative ways.  We wanted to drop our rating of them because of this, but realized that we could not factually verify the connection between the people running their Facebook Page and the actual haunt itself, so we left the rating alone.
                Nightmare Dungeon has three attractions, one of which claims to have the "Real Leatherface," even though that is not entirely factual.  If they have paid for the intellectual property rights to place this on their signs as a statement, then we accept it and move on.  The first two attractions are attached and flow from one into the other without interruption (so isn't that really one attraction?).  The third is the one that requires a ride on their truck to the nearby facility on the property which is listed as connected to Leatherface.  The third attraction is by far the shortest of the three (but that's hard to tell when you aren't sure where the first one stopped and the second one began).
                The outside actor who we witnessed took great pleasure in his job of scaring and entertaining the line, and was probably the best actor we witnessed during our visit.  He had exceptional timing and athleticism which is to be commended (though his knees may not agree as he gets older if he continues to do some of the daredevil things which he was doing while we were there).
                The interior of the attraction was well designed and had some unique elements that we haven't seen around as much.  The potential for scares is definitely present, however on the night that we went you couldn't hear anything over the music.  When we were given directions by actors or staff we couldn't hear them even if they were nearby and yelled.  At one point I answered a request from a staff member to do something in a room (which would then trigger a response we found out) and the person next to me couldn't even hear what was said to me.  The assault on the eardrums was unfortunate because it detracted from the experience in an extreme way.
                We can't judge if the actors were of quality because the sound problems prevented us from hearing them or interacting with them.  This meant that we were unable to tell if they could stay in character or not. 
                In this situation the sets of the first two attractions were the best parts of the event.  Without factoring in the encounters we had after leaving the event we rate them with 2.5 severed heads out of a possible five.  The sets are their strongest parts, the sounds detracted from the event, and we wish that we could have been able to judge the acting abilities of the scareactors inside.

                ** Side Note** The person online who interacted with us has threatened to have us sued because we asked where they got their number one ranking from.  They stated on the Facebook Page for the haunt that they were ranked number one for several years and we simply asked by whom, which lead to them becoming angry and defensive.  In our opinions that is a highly suspect behavior and we want you to be aware of what our personal experience was with that.  It has not direct relationship to anything that you might experience by attending the event, but it is something that you should know as you give them your hard earned money.  They were unable to verify their rating for us.  We did note that they posted a link to a review at one point, however when we went to Google and searched for the name of the review group we found a haunted attraction in Texas with that name and the same logo, but no mention of reviews associated with it.  Food for thought.  Opinions are protected speech and everyone is entitled to their own.  We are certain that they do not like us because of our opinion of them, however we are entitled to our opinion and so are they. Not every review is a good one and nor should they be if you are an honest reviewer.  They were nowhere near the worst attraction, or rating, for this year from us.