Monday, October 10, 2011

13 Stories Haunted House, Kennesaw, Georgia

On September 17, 2011 we went to one of the trial run nights for 13 Stories Haunted House in Kennesaw, Georgia.  Thirteen Stories is located behind Town Center Mall.  There was a special rate for the trial run night, which we knew could have disadvantages.  They were still working out the bugs in the haunt, however it was still enjoyable.

Upon arrival we were greated by some highly qualified line actors who had quality make-up and stayed in character well.  Once in line for the first haunt we had to sign a pretty standard liability waiver, which we are not sure is a nightly thing or was just because it was a trial run.  We were then sent into the haunt in small groups, which is a fabulous thing.  The haunt is not impressive looking from the outside, and some of the scenes within the first haunt are set with black tarps that lack creativity.  The second haunt has better scenery, and consistant actors.  Both attractions included good jump scares and plenty of misdirection cues. 

The trial run had one incident while we were there, but it was taken care of by staff that were amazing.  The customer service was exceptional, which is rare and appreciated.

We scored 13 Stories Haunted House at a range from 2 1/2 to 3 severed heads on our scale that goes up to five.  We had differing opinions about aspects of the haunts, so we had a difficult time settling on one score.