Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nightmare's Gate, Douglasville, GA

Nightmare's Gate is located in a rural area of Douglasville, Georgia that is off of I-20.  The location was formerly known as Psycho Shack.  The outside structure is highly appealing and well themed.  When we arrived we were blown away by the fascade and noticed a small group of people socializing outside.  After getting out tickets and standing around confused for a while we realized the group wasn't customers and nobody was going to direct us as to where to go.  The entire haunt was relatively short and the inside themes were far less detailed than the outside appearance led us to believe it would be.  There were a few good jump scares within the haunt, however the actors were below standard.  When we enter a room and actors are standing around talking and we scare them it definitely supports our opinion that this haunt needs approvements.  There was no obvious end to the haunt, and the staff that we asked about if we came out the right way told us we needed to make a different turn.  After we tried and tried to figure it out we went to the ticket counter and were told that we came out the right way.  Even the staff have unclear opinions of what is going on at this haunt.  It is sad to say that we rate this haunt at only one severed head out of a possible five, and we were hessitant to give it that high of a rating.