Friday, October 21, 2011

If I Can't Find You... Are You Really There?

We have had several experiences this year where we were grateful to own multiple navigation systems and be smart enough to carry it all with us.  When we go searching our haunts we carry printed directions from Google Maps, a Garmin, a TomTom, and our cell phones with internet access.  You would think that with all of that going for us we would be able to find every single haunt.  Wrong!  I don't know how it's possible, but there are actually haunts we can't find when we combine all of those resources together.  This year we went to some haunts where TomTom got us there and Garmin couldn't.  There were other times where Garmin was the winner and TomTom had us on a road with no haunt in sight.  Then there were trips such as the one we made looking for 13 Acres of Hell, which is supposed to be located in Conyers, Georgia.  We used every single resource at our disposal INCLUDING following a spotlight!  We never did find them.  We finally gave up and went to find a different haunt to enjoy.  How is that possible that we used so many things and couldn't find them?  Oh, and don't ask me, "Did you trying calling them on your cell?"  That question will be met by the fact that some areas just don't have cell phone signal, and for us that was one of them.  Better luck next year!  We can't review you if we can't find you!!