Sunday, October 2, 2011

Haunted Hill House of Horror, Griffin, GA

User Review sent to us from a person who works in a different haunted house:

Haunted Hill House of Horror Review

Note: Just wanted to note that ... while we are officially competion, I'm a huge fan of haunted houses, from small to large, so I love the fact that I only have to drive 10 minutes to visit. So this is a completely unbiased review.
Just got back from visiting Griffin's newest haunted house, the Haunted Hill House of Horror. This is their second year in operation, as they were in McDonough last year. From what I've been told, this is in a much bigger building than they were in last year, so it allowed them more room to spread out and grow.
Tracy, the owner of the haunt, was nice enough to give me a behind the scenes tour of it a few weeks ago. The people that I met were very nice and enthusiastic, and I liked the ideas they were presenting. At the time, they still had a lot of work to put into it, so I was excited to see the finished product.
The night was very chilly, and we had to wait about 20 minutes to be let in. Not sure if the crew was on break or fixing a technical issue, but we had to listen to a very loud group of drunks who were at the front of the line. They were fairly vulgar. About halfway into our stay in line, half of them walked off, not sure why, and when we were finally let in, the other two went in briefly, but then either turned around, or were turned around. I was very, very happy we did not have to be in the haunt when we were in there, as I truly believe they would have provided a very unsafe environment for both the workers and anyone in there at the same time.  [Haunt Review visited on the same evening and is aware of exactly what the delay was.  This delay was highly beneficial to the haunt as it allowed them to make a few adjustments that they noticed needed to be made.  We also are grateful that the obviously intoxicated group left or was required to leave.  Haunted attractions must keep the safety of their patrons in the forefront of their thoughts and actions.]
The haunt itself was very enjoyable. They relied mainly on movie monsters, which I don't normally enjoy, but they did a good job with it. The cast was extremely enthusiastic, and there was not one dud in the entire cast. They really showed how much they enjoyed what they were doing, and were almost relentless with trying to get a scare from anyone and everyone. There was one incident that is usually considered a no no in a haunted house in the "doctor's scene" where the victim reached out and grabbed my wife's arm and held on, trying to pull her back to be saved. My wife literally had to pull her arm away before she let go. [Haunt Review finds that many haunts state that they won't touch you, however we were told when we entered that we might be touched.  This is actually something we like, when it is done correctly.  Both of us were grabbed in the same scene and as long as we kept walking the actor released her grip rather easily.  It definitely added to the experience.]
I personally was gotten by a [spoiler removed]. I also think they had a great scare toward the end with the [spoiler removed]. It was timed perfectly, and was very well done. It was by far my favorite scare of the entire haunt, although as far as costumes goes, [spoiler removed] was very imposing and very well done.
There were some negatives though. There were some scenes that were pretty dark and it was hard to navigate through the haunt. I also think price might be an issue from here on. The $10 we paid for opening weekend was fine, but I'm not sure if they were get the turnout they are hoping for for their official price of $15. The biggest turn-off for me though, had nothing to do with what was going on inside the house, but what happened after we left the house. We were asked by one of the people that worked there what we thought about it. We told them we enjoyed it a lot, but then he started bad mouthing another haunted house. I won't give the name of the other haunt (it wasn't a local one), but he went on for a few minutes on how much better their haunted house was than the other one. First thing, they aren't better than the other one, but then again, they shouldn't be. You're talking night and day as far as budget and what they are capable of. Second, why should they care. The cast is good at what they do, they should concentrate on that, rather than bad mouthing someone else.  [Haunt Review did not have this experience, and each of the staff that we spoke to when we visited praised other haunted attractions and wished them all well.  Please do not let the actions of one person impact your opinion of an entire group.  We are certain that the management would never approve of someone representing them in this way to their patrons.]
It left a bad taste in my mouth on the whole experience, but I won't let it ruin the whole thing. The haunt is very enjoyable. We had a lot of fun through it, and hope they have a very successful year, because I would love for them to build and grow. Their cast was great, some of their sets were very good as well, so I do recommend a trip to the Haunted Hill House of Horror. I look forward to adding them to my yearly haunt trips.

[Thank you to the user who emailed us this review.  Please feel free to send us your comments about this haunted attraction or others.  We are happy to share thoughts and opinions from a variety of sources.  We certainly don't claim to be the only sources of good ideas related to haunts, and we think that everyone has a valuable set of thoughts worth sharing so that the attractions can improve, maintain their businesses, and continue to entertain many others in the future.]