Friday, October 21, 2011

*Update* Paranoia Haunted House, Alpharetta, Georgia

   We recently got to use our surprise tickets to evaluate Paranoia Haunted House later in the haunt season.  We are very excited to announce that they are continually working on improvements and blew us away.  This time we are both in agreement that this attraction rates a solid four severed heads and is going to become a force to be reconned with.  Their darkness is pitch black right where it needs to be and their acting staff had amazing timing.  It was incredible to hear Bryan say that he actually got chills during one of the scenes!  Good luck dealing with your own paranoia as you attempt to deal with Paranoia.


    Haunt Review went to Paranoia Haunted House on their opening weekend, which is always a challenge for the haunt.  Many smaller haunts are still working things out with props and haven't had customers on which their actors can practice their timing yet.  This was an experience that left us with two very different opinions, which is a first time ever occurance.  We attribute some of the difference in opinion to having been the first people through, on the first night of their very first year being open.  Due to the differences in opinion we did accept two complimentary tickets to return and visit the haunt, unannounced, during the height of the season.  They won't know we are coming, and won't recognize us when we do, so we will be able to see if they have improved upon certain things since we last saw them.  Please look for that review to be added after we attend.
   Paranoia is a new haunt, as we said, and they have a connection to another haunt that we have loved in the past.  Creepers was one of our favorite haunts.  When they didn't reopen some of their staff dispersed to other haunts.  One of them went to work at Folklore and another has opened Paranoia. 
   The thing that we noticed the most about Paranoia was their actors.  The timing of the majority of the cast was sensational.  Talented acting staff roaming around in near pitch black conditions is certainly enough to cause a scare.  However, we felt that some places were pitch black spaces because they have only just open for their first year and the funding to finish fully theming the sets is probably not where they would like it to be just yet.  If we all keep attending and getting our scares in the dark then we may start to see a few more well themed areas that have a little more light and cause your pupils to dilate so that their darker sections become even more intense.  We certainly believe that if you have a fear of the dark you have to check out Paranoia.
   Because our opinions varied so greatly it is hard to say where they should really be ranked.  It's also hard to fault a haunt for things that they are still learning and still earning the money to later improve upon.  One of us ranked them at two severed heads, while the other ranked them at three and a half severed heads, out of a possible five.  We'll let you know when we have returned to check in our their progress, but in the mean time you should definitely go check them out and let us know what you think.  We love user reviews!