Friday, October 21, 2011

Backyard Haunt...Gone Great!

Our last post was a warning regarding a professional haunt that had felt like a backyard haunt gone wrong, so here we have an example of a backyard haunt gone right.  As a matter of fact, it went SO right that it is better than that professional haunt that we were talking about!

Scream on the Trail is a backyard haunt that is located in Snellville, Georgia.  They have been doing this for five years and are prepared to offer you your choice of scare levels.  If you are a complete chicken then just tell them and they will calm it down for you.  Daredevil?  Tell them you want the full effect and they will go for it.  Tell them nothing?  Be prepared to get their full force haunt since you chose not to express your own wishes.  Of course, we went for full force!  I got touched!  Though I'm pretty sure it was an accident, I am always happy when a haunt leaves out that old saying about "and the monsters won't touch you."  Touch me!  Bring it on!  I'm paying for an adrenaline rush, so give me one (within the realm of a safe experience, of course).  They want to scare you so badly that they offer a private, late night event.  With a five person minimum attendance, charging $20 each, with reservations made, they will stay really late and scare you so much that your legs shake on the way to your car.

They definitely have the haunt basics covered, though we can see where they are prepared to do more as they are able to.  There were scares from every angel and they had more animatronics in place than we have ever seen in a non-professional level haunt.  The only thing missing for us were the scares involving the elements (water, air, etc.).  I know that it might sound silly to be impressed by it, but we never saw a light or an extension cord anywhere.  They had to be there.  We're sure they were there since we could see and things that needed power had power.  The good thing was that we didn't even notice them.  In a good haunt you shouldn't notice the things that are meant to be behind the scenes, and we certainly missed them all at Scream on the Trail. 

We highly recommend this attraction and can't wait to see what they can do as they grow.  We assign ratings to haunts on a scale that goes up to five severed heads.  For Scream on the Trail we feel that they are a solid three severed heads and have the potential to continue to evolve until, maybe someday, they reach professional level.  Remember, if the customer is entertained they are getting what they paid for.  We screamed, jumped, and laughed.  Definitely an entertaining evening.

** Tennis shoes needed, as the ground is uneven.  Remember that when you are walking back to your car after the haunt.  I stopped paying attention to the ground once I thought we were done and a dip in the ground almost got me.  **