Friday, October 21, 2011

Plantation Blood, Augusta, GA

  Plantation Blood in Augusta, Georgia is a marvelous experience.  The exterior is well themed, and the interior theming goes so far as to exceed your expectations.  They have only been at their current location for two years, though you couldn't tell it from appearances.  The staff is very friendly and spent substantial time with us on the day after we attended their haunt.  It was amazing to take a personal lights on tour to see all of the things that you don't notice when you are walking through the dark. 
   There are a variety of floor surfaces and wall textures within the haunt that add to the experience.  The timing of the well trained volunteer actors combines with the appearance of the surroundings to create an emersive experience.  There are definitely times within the attraction that you forget where you are and are transported into the world that they want you to believe that you are in.  Your senses are assaulted from a variety of angles as you tour the town's church, homes, caves, and cemetary (among other places). 
   Your safety is a high priority at Plantation Blood.  Section leaders within the haunt are in constant radio contact and are quickly able to converge on any situation that might pop up before you can even notice it.  When you consider this along with the fact that the staff is continually making adjustments that are designed to make your experience better, you end up with a scary experience that changes every time you attend.
   Attending Plantation Blood was a long drive for us, especially through the ever-present road work on I-20.  We are happy to say that the trip was worth it.  Plantation Blood earned four severed heads out of a possible five.  If you are in the Augusta area you should definitely check them out, just don't expect your nav system to get you there correctly on the first try (use the haunt's direction from the website, call for directions, or make your nav reroute when needed).  Maybe we'll see you there next year, we're already making plans!