Friday, October 21, 2011

Not a Haunt, but a Great Time!

Yeah, I know we are "Haunt" Review.  So, what?  That's not all we like!  We love a good ghost tour, or a creepy story telling experience.  Maybe it's a Halloween parade, or a zombie walk.  We aren't going to exclude it just because it isn't a haunted house.  We also aren't going to give it a rating since it isn't a haunted house, but that doesn't mean we don't want to share it with all of you.

Terror on the Trail is located in Suwanee, Georgia.  This is an event run by the great people of The Aurora Theater.  It is a 1.1 mile loop walk through a local park where costumed, story-telling, actors will entertain you at various stops along the way.  To make it even are escorted through your event by the most fabulous zombies!  Each zombie has it's own personality and the actors really stick to it.  I asked a zombie in the parking lot where the bathroom was and his grunts and motions guided me in the right direction.  He never spoke a word! 

This is a unique and fun activity that the entire family can enjoy.  It's a bit strenuous if you aren't ready for it, but a pair of tennis shoes and the knowledge that the trail is fairly level, paved, and has stops made it easy for me to relax and enjoy the stories.  You really get invested in the stories and the characters that you get to know.  You will experience the park in a whole new way, especially when you suddenly realize that the lantern you just accidently glanced at has now made the dark surrounding you appear even deeper than it was moments ago. 

A couple of years ago we went to the storytelling event that Stone Mountain has at their Plantation during haunt season.  We can honestly say that Terror on the Trail is substantially better than the experience at Stone Mountain.  It was worth the cost, both financially and time investment (the trail can take up to 75 minutes to complete).  The environment is perfect for this type of event! 

This may not be a "haunted house," but it is completely worth it.  We highly recommend that you make reservations to attend this event.  Check out this event and the Lawrenceville Ghost Walk that is also offered by the Aurora Theater.  They have talented actors who will help you to engage yourself.  You'll be right where they want you...which could mean that you end up as a midnight snack, rather than having one!  Enjoy!