Friday, October 21, 2011

Frightmore, Morrow, Georgia

Frightmore Haunted House is located in a shopping center in Morrow, Georgia.  If you are familiar with the area it is near Old Navy and across the street from David's Bridal.  This is their first year and they have some fabulous ideas in the works for their future.  Customers should be aware that one dollar from each ticket goes to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  It's always nice to see haunters giving back to the community.

Morrow, Georgia isn't exactly a hot spot when it comes to haunted houses.  There are some in nearby counties, but we having seen any others in Clayton County lately.  We've begun to suspect that we know why, and we hope that more haunts will move into the area over the next few years.

Frightmore is run by some wonderful people who had no problem talking to us for quite a while after we had gone through their haunt.  They expanded on how they want to reinvest the money that they make this year into the haunt to do things that will be drastic and impress customers next year.  We love their ideas and were definitely pleased with some of the ones that they were already able to put into effect for their first year.  Keep in mind that buildings as large as the one they are in don't come cheap, and it is rented so they are limited in what can be done.  With what they have to work with they are doing a spectacular job.  There are scares from multiple levels, including a few times where we honestly wondered how we were supposed to continue on.  While we were talking to the manager after our trip through the haunt we saw a group come running and screaming from the haunt.  That's exactly what we want to see! 

There are definitely some quality scares, good timing, confusing spaces, and talented make-up effects within the haunt.  We feel that they could continue to make improvements and implement their ideas for years to come and end up as one of the top haunts in the Atlanta area.  The potential is there, however we all know that ideas alone aren't what keep haunts improving has to be coming in so they those ideas can be implemented.  If you attend Frightmore we want to hear about your visit.  We want to help theme publicize their business and continue to grow.  If they can get even a fraction of what they want to have done for next year then we can hardly wait to see it.  We are currently rating them at three severed heads, though we considered bumping them to three and a half.  The scale that we rank with tops out at fived severed heads, so we are hoping to see them rise to that level or the next few years.  Congratulations to Frightmore for a great start to their first year in business.


Anonymous said...

I visited frightmore last year. The staff here is amazing! The level of hospitality and friendliness was unlike any other haunt I have been to. We are not from that area and the "greeter" lady / actor at the door was more than happy to help us find a place to eat after we left the haunt. The actors were well trained and professional and the manager extended his welcome by giving us coupons for a later visit. I can't wait to visit frightmore this year!