Friday, October 21, 2011

Our Review of Haunted Hill House of Horror, Griffin, GA

    You've already seen what a fellow haunter felt about this haunt, but now it's our turn. 
    Let's start by saying just how thrilled we are to have more haunted houses opening up in our hometown!  We were both born and raised in Griffin, which creates a certain desire to be biased in their favor and we strive to be careful, accurate, and unbiased with our review.
    This haunt is a former backyard haunt attempting to go professional, which will require the support of their fans and customers.  It takes a lot for a backyard haunt to become a successful and stable professional haunt, including money, time, and support.  If all three don't come together for them then they often end up returning to the own backyards, if they continue at all.  Haunted Hill House of Horror has a lot of potential, great ideas, and simply needs the time to explore things for themselves. 
    This experience is best in small groups.  Though we did not notice scares from different levels, we did notice that they use a variety of techniques through the experience that are meant to keep you off balance and ready for the next surprise.  They are currently relying heavily on horror movie icons as their theme, which we would like to see them take and use for a while as they develop their own iconic characters and unique ideas.  Their costuming and make-up are good quality work that needs to be on good quality actors.  They have several cast members who are ready to take this to the next level, but there are others who need more experience in order to figure out their own timing.  One experience that we loved was when I got grabbed on the arm.  It startled me, because most haunts don't do that, and I love it.  I'm fine with "don't touch the monsters," but I feel that "and they won't touch you" is really not necessary. 
    We know that the cast was still working on timing when we went through, so after the haunt we gave them our business card and ended up disguising their coach to go through with us in a group so that she could see what the actors were doing.  She then thanked us and regrouped the staff to ensure that they all knew what they needed to improve upon.  The haunt business requires continual improvements that are made as they are needed, and we are happy to say that this is exactly what they are doing. 
    Overall we felt that there were some great ideas and scares, but the sets and actor timing could be adjusted to maximize the experience.  We were given two tickets to check back in on them later in the season (since we went in September) and will be sneaking up on them sometime to see what has changed.  Currently we give them a ranking of two and a half severed heads out of a possible five.  Wonder if they'll change our minds?  We can't wait to find out!