Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nightmare Plantation, Grovetown, GA

Nightmare Plantation is located near Augusta in Grovetown, Georgia.  It is a little challenging to find, due to dirt road and neighborhood subdivision construction.  The site does have a beautiful plantation home with great history, however the home is not a part of the haunted attraction.  The attraction includes one barn, one other building, and some outside portions.  The staff are very friendly and helpful, which is a huge plus.  We were early arriving at the haunt, so we had the opportunity to sit in the car and observe.  The actors appeared to have primarily blood as their make-up and we could hear the directives that were being given to the actors from where we were.  There is a platform stage in the parking field, which hosts live music to entertain the guests while they wait. 

The haunt is fully staffed by volunteers, which is a challenge that many haunts experience.  Granted, we did attend in late September, but there is really not an excuse for opening a haunt that isn't fully prepared.  Their spinning tunnel wasn't even fully assembled, so that definitely harmed the experience.  The deadspaces within the haunt concerned us some.  Without going into a detailed list of our concerns let us state that you definitely must remember to wear shoes that are going to be safe for uneven ground made of a variety of materials. 

This haunt has a great deal of potential and is only in its second year.  We have given this haunt a rating of one and a half severed heads out of a possible five severed heads.  This haunt does offer a "chicken" tour for children and those that are easily frightened, which is a plus if you need it.