Friday, October 21, 2011

Creepers Twisted Horrors - Plague of Darkness, Canton, GA

A backyard haunt with 10 years of experience!  That's amazing!  Creepers Twisted Horrors is a combination attraction that includes a hayright, walking trail, and haunted house.  With a donation of canned goods you can even get a discount on admission to become one of their victims...I mean visitors.

My favorite part was the hayride.  There were many times during it that I jumped or laughed.  After we had our adventure behind the tractor it was time for a little walk in the woods.  That was one steep walk!  I'm not even sure if my sneakers helped with some of that.  I know I'm not in shape, but I wasn't expecting that!  It was still enjoyable, especially when we reached the corn.  You'll like the corn!  There's not much of it, but what's there really has in impact on you.

The biggest challenge that they face is the timing of their actors.  We had several times when actors jumped out to scare those ahead of us and actually ended up cutting us off from the group. That makes it hard to keep up and hard to get a scare.  At least that's something easy to improve upon!

After our walk we entered the actual haunted house portion of the event.  Some of the rooms were too small for our group of people, which always frustrates us, but it was a backyard haunt so that makes it easier to overlook.  There were decent costumes and make-up effects throughout the experience, which helps to keep you in the moment.  We felt that it was a good haunt, but that there weren't many things that stuck in our minds after it was all over.  Every haunt should have that moment, actor, or scene that you just can't forget afterwards.  Unfortunately, it felt largely forgettable. 

One thing that was a surprise to us was that it had certain "Hell House" characteristics.  For those of you that aren't familiar, Hell Houses are attempts to show people what happens when they don't follow Christ.  It's religious propoganda for those who like haunted houses, basically.  A lot of them do it wrong, but the aspects that Creepers Twisted Horrors chose to implement were done well.  At first I thought to myself that they were going to try to preach to me, lecture me, or push me to share their specific beliefs.  I was very relieved when they didn't approach it in that manner.  Not everyone shares identical beliefs, and I feel strongly that we are all entitled to our own beliefs without others trying to force us to accept their beliefs as our own.  I won't push my beliefs on you, so please don't push your beliefs on me...that's my philosophy.  The minor amount of religious references that were included at this haunt didn't feel pushy at all.  It was well planned and fit nicely into the overall attraction.

The primary reason for the rating that we are giving to Creepers Twisted Horrors is that there were a lot of strobes used to hide where sets and make-up might be lacking and there were a lot of actors who simply screamed.  To us, you need to be more versatile than just screaming.  Once an actor screams towards me I begin to expect it, and when I get a few in a row who only seem to know screaming as a scare tactic I get bored.  We rated this event at two and a half severed heads out of a possible five.  They aren't near professional level, but they are a good backyard haunted attraction.  Check them out, and be sure to bring your tennis shoes, canned goods, and some money for the concession stand (they have hot chocolate!).